Goyo International is a strategic leadership & business transformation consultancy, coaching and consulting to directors, CEO’s, executives and organizations to help them achieve their vision of growth and success. 

At Goyo International assessment and analysis is an integral part of the consulting process. Only then do we tailor our training and coaching programs to meet our clients’ needs. 

We co-create strategies with our clients to help transform their culture, develop their leaders and teams. 

Our process oriented coaching and consulting brings insight, breakthrough and reveals new opportunities. Teams and leaders develop greater clarity, emotional intelligence, authentic leadership skills, mutual respect, connection and greater motivation to work towards a common goal.

Our professional consulting, mentoring and training is based on over fifteen years of experience and uses the powerful combination of Transactional Analysis, Group Relations, Gestalt and Relational Consulting. This enables us to work and develop the best strategies with the client rather than put strategies onto the client. The result is lasting transformation at the core where courage, higher levels of productive thinking and doingemerge that naturally lead to unprecedented levels of success.



In-Depth coaches walk their talk. They have spend years of self-examination. They have developed authenticity, clarity and calm. They are masters in listening and have developed a strong intuition to skilfully guide their clients to develop their autonomy and potential. As professional coaches they know that advice does not lead to long-term success.  In-Depth coaches operate from the level of "I am O.K. - You are O.K", knowing that the solution is always in the client.They help their clients develop their own wisdom and solutions and help them dissolve those emotional buttons that hinder clarity and success.

Franziska Goyo works closely with her clients face-to-face or via telephone or Skype. 

During her sessions she is fully dedicated to her clients – their business and personal goals, dreams and achievements, and most importantly to their personal transformation process. Sessions can be recorded to keep them as reference and to deepen the learning process.

You may call Franziska and book a free 30-minute briefing session to mutually find out, if you are suited for each other to engage in a client coach relationship.

"The heart age challenges us to change from 'human doings' to become 'human beings'. Better performance is not about learning to hit harder with same blunt axe. It is about sharpening the axe. 

The past twenty years of working with individuals and teams have shown me that feeding people with more information does not change them. It is about skilfully supporting them in bringing out their individual leadership potential that lies dormant within them that leads to lasting effortless success." Franziska Goyo

Business owners, CEO's and executives use Franziska's In-Depth Coaching and consulting services to develop emotional intelligence, authentic leadership skills, self-knowledge and people skills to not only become more productive and effective, but to develop greater clarity, calm, effortlessness and happiness. Negative emotions like depression, self-doubt, worry, anger or impatience become transformed and dissolve. A more authentic and effective self emerges.

In-Depth Coaching has been developed by Franziska Goyo from over 20 years of experience in working with top performers and leaders who know that developing autonomy, authentic leadership skills, self-mastery and emotional intelligence make the difference between short-term and long-term success and lifts them into the top 5% of successful people.

"A lot of people do business and operate from an internal 'try-hard' driver without knowing how to master the negative mental and emotional self-talk that can hinder performance."  

In-Depth coaching invites you to walk an inner journey of self-knowledge together with an experienced coach who has walked the journey her/himself. He or she teaches you to skilfully examine and dissolve the old patina of past conditioning and old self-limiting mind patterns. In-Depth Coaching does not primarily focus on teaching skills. It invites you to skilfully examine the depth level of your unconscious mind to remove what hinders performance and achievement.

In-Depth coaches do not involve in the game of motivation or problem solving. They invite  you to look into deeper levels of your mind where inspiration and effortlessness become unlocked - the unlimited wells of motivation. During this process negative emotions like depression, self-doubt, worry, anger or impatience dissolve.

In-Depth Coaching is like deep see diving, exploring the unknown ocean of yourself to not only clear out the rubbish often disposed of by others, often mistakenly believed to be our own, but to find the hidden treasures that make life really worth living, that transform our working life from being a daily task to a journey of purpose and rich relationships.